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Beyond the Universe
– The Universes of the Beyond –

by Patrick Delsaut

Lulu Publishing (

Human beings have always wanted to know what comes after death. Some people, who can voluntarily get out of their body, went to « the other side ». The testimonies of these explorers of the Beyond revealed that there are countless Worlds on other vibratory planes, in other Dimensions, where live the souls of the deceased living beings! But the author of this book went even further and discovered that these countless Worlds are, in reality, countless planets belonging to other Cosmic Universes located in other Spaces and other Times, on other vibratory planes, in other Dimensions!

The Beyond is not nebulous but Cosmic!!!

The famous « Gate of Heaven » which allows the souls to pass into the Beyond is in reality a Vortex, a Tunnel of Light which crosses the Space and Time, a « StarGate » which leads the soul on another planet, in another world, in another Cosmic Universe, in another Space, in another Time, in another vibratory plane, in another Dimension…!

This exceptional book that upsets consciences, leads us on a fabulous journey to the heart of the Worlds of the Beyond, in the other Dimensions, there where disincarnated souls go and where we go every night to live our most sweet dreams… It reveals the most extraordinary secrets of Matter, Universe, Life, Death, Soul… and God! He unveils all the mysteries of Creation through thousands of revelations obtained at the Source of Knowledge and Life…

This book, which has required 40 years of research and writing, gives the keys to this hidden knowledge to understand the how and why of all things!
This unique book in the world plunges us into the heart of Reality, where the unthinkable awaits us…

This book exist in several versions for all budgets!
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Printed Books – Full and 2 Volumes – Black and White

Beyond the Universe_Patrick_Delsaut    Beyond_the_Universe_Patrick_Delsaut_Volume1_Black_and_White    Beyond_the_Universe_Patrick_Delsaut_Volume2_Black_and_White

Printed Books – 2 Volumes – Color

Beyond_the_Universe_Patrick_Delsaut_Volume1_Color    Beyond_the_Universe_Patrick_Delsaut_Volume2_Color

E-books PDF – Full and 2 Volumes – Color

E-book_Beyond_the_Universe_Full_Version_Patrick_Delsaut    E-book_Beyond_the_Universe_Volume1_Patrick_Delsaut    E-book_Beyond_the_Universe_Volume2_Patrick_Delsaut


Other Worlds, other Universes
– The Parallel Worlds –

by Patrick Delsaut

Lulu Publishing (

This is the most detailed book in the world, about the most upsetting subject! The Parallel Worlds and their mysteries are classified « top secret » by the international governmental agencies!

These fantastic Worlds hide incredible secrets…! This book, unique in its kind, unveils all these secrets in detail…!

Behind the veil of appearances are hiding other Worlds, other Universes, other forms of Life… Many people have passed, one day, on the other side of this veil.

Us also, we have tipped over into another world… a Parallel World!

Many never returned but those who were able to find the way back have recounted their adventure.

Through these testimonies, we visit other realities, other Universes, other forms of Life, within the « Parallel Worlds »…!

Some UFOs come from these Worlds located beyond the Space and Time because our Cosmic Universe is just one Universe among billions of others Universes!

The US government agencies are aware of the existence of these other Universes, of these other « Parallel » Worlds and the US Navy has performed fantastic experiences on the Time, in Montauk, in the XXth century.

Underground Worlds,
Underwater Worlds,
Macro and microscopic Worlds,
Worlds of Anti-Matter,
Ethereal Worlds,
Worlds of the other Dimensions,
Topological Worlds,
Temporal Worlds…
are studied in detail in this book filled with exceptional revelations about all these unknown Worlds, about these « Parallel Worlds » which are hidden from us!

This book exist in 3 versions for all budgets!
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Printed Books – Color and Black and White + E-book PDF – Color

Other_Worlds_other_Universes_Patrick_Delsaut_Color    Other_Worlds_other_Universes_Patrick_Delsaut_Black_and_White    E-Book_Other_Worlds_other_Universes


Anteaur, the ethereal planet
– In the 4th Dimension –

by Patrick Delsaut

Lulu Publishing (

In the early 20th century, in 1929, a little anonymous book published in only 50 copies is quietly released in some French bookstores and disappeared shortly after.

This small unobtrusive and harmless book is a real bomb! It was dictated to a woman by a being named Antehus, came from a distant planet !!! It is a very complete and unique testimony of its kind on daily life of the inhabitants of another world called Anteaur…

Anteaur does not belong to our Cosmos… It is an « ethereal » planet, a world whose the Biosphere has passed, a very long time ago, in the 4th Dimension!

It is a living planet inhabited by highly evolved Human beings who have finally crossed the vibratory barrier that separates the 3rd and the 4th Dimension, carrying with them all the other forms of Life of their world.

The anteaurians are beings profoundly good and gentle who have achieved a high level of consciousness which allowed them to continue their evolution in the Light.

The etherization in the 4th Dimension experienced by the planet Anteaur, is a natural and universal phenomenon concerning all the inhabited planets of the Universe that have reached the final stage of their evolution in the dense Matter.

Men from Earth, one day, will experience the process of etherization. they will go in the 4th Dimension like the inhabitants of Anteaur in a distant past…

This testimony is therefore valuable for Men who are worried and are asking a thousand questions about their future.

This important book gives us all the information we seek to find out what awaits us on the other side…!

This book exist in 2 versions

Printed Book + E-book PDF

Anteaur_the_ethereal_planet_Patrick_Delsaut        E-Book_Anteaur_the_ethereal_planet


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